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Earn With Us

There are many benefits with becoming an affiliate of Portfolio Armor:

  • Get paid to refer members to Portfolio Armor
    Earn 50% commissions on every member you refer to us as an affiliate.

How it works

Once you become a premium member, we'll give you a unique affiliate link. You'll be credited with commissions for every premium member who signs up through that link. When your affiliate earnings are over $100, you will begin to get paid every 30 days. If you haven't earned $100 since your last payment, we'll pay you 30 days after you've crossed the threshold. Payments will be made by check.

Portfolio Armor is a tool. While it is a very sophisticated tool capable of providing useful calculations it is not designed to replace the advice of a professional investment counselor or your own independent investment research and independent calculations. To rely solely upon the Portfolio Armor tool for investment decisions would be extremely unwise.